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We’re asked many times, Why Acrylic?

But the answer is simple…

  • Acrylic Aquariums UK Ltd can be up to 5 times lighter than glass and are easier to move from place to place.
  • Acrylic Aquariums UK Ltd are stronger than glass, 17 times the impact resistance of glass – virtually child proof and much safer. See our shotgun test.
  • Acrylic Aquariums UK Ltd are clearer than glass, no blue or green tint up to 10” thick.
  • Acrylic Aquariums UK Ltd can be made to any size or shape with mitred / butt joints.
  • Acrylic Aquariums UK Ltd have better insulating properties than glass.
  • Acrylic Aquariums UK Ltd are easily customised.
  • Acrylic Aquariums UK Ltd Tanks can carry up to a lifetime warranty and five million public liability cover.
  • Acrylic Aquariums UK Ltd can be polished if scratched (glass aquarium scratches are permanent).
  • Acrylic Aquariums UK Ltd are safe to use on fresh and salt water use and are impervious to corrosion and medications.

A test piece of 15mm thick acrylic was fired at by a 12 bore shot gun at 6 yards with both barrels simultaneously but not one pellet penetrated or broke the sheet acrylic.

Still not convinced…?

Then ask yourself this, why do 99% of public aquariums use acrylic aquariums for their exhibits?If you want a small or large acrylic aquarium for; Zoo’s, Exhibitions, Hotels, Schools, Businesses, Private clients etc then look no further.

Acrylic Aquariums can be more expensive than glass aquariums, especially on the smaller sizes but you have the satisfaction of your warranty.

For more information about Acrylic Aquariums UK Ltd or to get a quote, click here.

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